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Performance Audit

Condominium Act 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 19

  • A Performance Audit is a review of the common elements of newly constructed Condominiums and, as of 2018, Condominium conversions.
  • The Performance Audit consists of a detailed report outlining the inspection, findings and a detailed listing of construction deficiencies.
  • Performance Audits are a mandatory review legislated under the Ontario Condominium Act 1998.
  • A First Year Performance Audit must be conducted within one year after the development is registered. Audits can be conducted before the end of the second and seventh years as well but are not mandatory.
  • The Act mandates who may complete the Audit, the most common being a person who holds a Certificate of Authorization within the meaning of the Professional Engineers Act
  • The report will be provided to the Board, the property management company and a copy will uploaded to Tarion to initiate the warranty process
  • In addition to providing Tarion with a copy of the report, a Performance Audit Tracking Summary containing all the deficiencies is uploaded to Tarion in order for the Warranty items to be monitored within the Tarion online tracking system.
  • Similar to the warranty on your condominium unit, the builder has a specified time to repair the common element items under warranty.
  • Performance Audits are usually performed at the same as the Reserve Fund Study. This is the ideal process as the Engineer can make notes about the site and building while walking and reviewing the Condo during the Performance Audit.
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    Performance Audit Management

  • After the Performance Audit has been completed, a Designate is assigned by the Corporation to manage the warranty items on behalf of the Corporation.
  • Once the Performance Audit is submitted, the builder has a set time to make repairs or complete construction deficiencies.
  • The Designate will respond and monitor the builder's progress and make site visits on behalf of the Corporation to ensure repairs have been made.
  • With sometimes hundreds of building deficiencies to manage and ensure get addressed it can be a significant task to manage. Let Caliburn Engineering help manage the designate process and perform site inspections to ensure the deficiencies are addressed. Caliburn will also manage and update the online Tarion Performance Audit Tracking Summary to ensure the status of all deficiencies are up to date.
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