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Building Condition Assessment

Building Condition Assessments (BCA) are typically prepared for the Co-op Housing or Non-Profit Housing sectors and are most often coupled with a Reserve Fund Study (RFS).

  • A BCA is used to determine the current condition, estimated future replacement costs and remaining useful life of the co-op’s buildings and site components
  • This data is then used to determine what is required going forward from a financial standpoint for maintenance, repairs or replacement of the co-op’s interests
  • As part of the development of the BCA, our consultants will review the site, buildings and a portion of the interiors of the units
  • These reviews will allow each item that the Co-op is responsible for to be assessed and ranked in terms of priority for when it comes time to replace or repair each item
  • All this information is then used to prepare an RFS which allows the Co-op to plan to address the items in the future and ensure that the funds in their capital reserve fund are sufficient. Should the annual contribution be insufficient the Co-op will need to explore other options to ensure projects can be done as required
  • The Co-op should plan to have each of these Studies updated every three to five years to keep them current and ensure any items deteriorating more rapidly than predicted are addressed
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